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NateChrony Custom Adapters

NateChrony Custom Adapters

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Not threaded? not round? We have you covered!

If your model is not here, please reach out & we will be able to get you sorted. It typically takes less than a day to get an adapter made once we have the exact measurements.

Most adapters are similar in form & function to the variable adapters, it will slide on the end, tighten a thumb screw and you're set.

Thumb screws are high quality stainless steel so will never rust.

Price is for 1 adapter, with 1 set of screws.

Models available:

  • Gamo CFX: 30mm overall diameter, with cutouts for the sight on the top, and lever on the bottom
  • Zbroia Biathlon w/o Flap: A more compact version that can be mounted if the snow flap is removed
  • Zbroia Biathlon w Flap: A longer version which can be installed with the flap present


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